Why Tech YouTubers Leave Software Development

Is it clickbait, or does it signal a change in the times?

Senior Brogrammer


Success sucks ass, especially if you’ve earned it early on. It’s like getting a Ferrari as a first car. What could you possibly buy next to improve it? Unfortunately, instead of allowing a downfall to occur, actual hogs take it upon themselves to be successful at any cost. Whether it’s lying about it or pulling off a con, you have to keep being more successful in their world.

This leads me to the question: why do successful tech influencers leave software development? I speculate as per usual.

Exit Route

After watching my 100th day in the life software engineer video, I’ve come to realize how shitty the perks are once you take a step back. The amount of team lunches, meetings, bonding activities, therapy sessions, team makeout time, etc. All these perks at a company encourage me to spend more time with people. Why is it advertised as a good thing? Why can’t a good working relationship exist with boundaries?

I think a lot of tech influencers go through the same pipeline excitedly, like a lot of us, before realizing how shitty the work world is. New-age corporatism of giving atta boys but still no raise hurts.

However, tech influencers can leave depending on viewership. After burning out in five years, you should have enough money to sit on for a bit to focus on creating content. Otherwise, you live in New York or gamble too much.

Jokes aside, the nature of work requires looking for an escape. Influencers with enough money to get by will leverage this escape because it’s better than working. Those tech influencers hyping out job offers, having a beer at the office, or some other bullshit with their stupid ass videos leave. Working for oneself, even in a different field, is infinitely better because you earn the fruits of your labor.

Even YouTube has this problem when large channels host new content creators. Those contracts are awful but are the only way for people to get a foot in the door.

Anyone who makes it to another outside their role leaves.

Thanks for the read.