Why do People Hype Billionaire Opinions?

Senior Brogrammer
2 min readMay 19, 2022

I’m sure you’ve heard some of the following, maybe your apart of an organization that listens to these ideas. The idea that PowerPoints are boring and everyone should write out details was popularized at Amazon. Every manager should be technically magnificent according to Elon via Twitter. The list goes on and on, but should they be taken as truth?

Opinions | Credit: Nick Youngson via The Blue Diamond Gallery

The answer is simple, no. The idea that someone is incredibly successful shows a unhealthy obsession with work, earning money and gaining every competitive edge. However, this doesn’t translate into genius idea after idea day to day. They are wrong about a lot of things, they’ve just happened to be right about a couple.

I believe that the organizations that follow these like gospel work despite the inefficiencies they cause not because of them. For example, if someone who eats fast food every day suddenly turns vegan for a few months and see’s promising result, they’d might conclude that the vegan diet was the solution. However, it’s obvious that they weren’t eating crap food for once. How banning things like PowerPoint make things better? If you work hard on a presentation PowerPoints can bring out some great information, but some people like seeing work harder not smarter live.

I’ve noticed several organizations (especially in tech fields) try to mimic other large organizations practices thinking “hey if I do A because they do A, then I’ll get B like they do.” Did anyone step back to think B occurred not because of what they were doing and other factors played in? For example, Google’s interviewing process is incredibly difficult for technical roles that only a few percent of people pass. Does that mean they have the best engineers due to interviewing? Or do the best engineers want to work at Google so they grind through the process to get to it? Does Google even have the best engineers? Ya, not every idea is great because someone/organization has money.

I encourage anyone reading this to do what they feel is correct and not mimic what crap they see/read. These could be hilariously broken methods of doing things, but despite how bad it is the end result still works out. A lot of that has been overlooked in the past years. Remember McDonalds 7 days a week to eating vegetables, fruits and tofu doesn’t mean a vegan diet is the best. You’ve just done a shitty job at dieting in the first place and you found one replacement that worked, not the best one.

Thanks for the read.