When the Inevitable AI Bubble Bursts

It is a story of how people love bubbles more than family

Senior Brogrammer


Here’s a hot take: the AI bubble is going to burst.

However, it is a harder question to answer when it bursts, but every bubble bursts as time approaches infinity.

Why can’t we stop bubbles from bursting?

I write this article to mock so-called analysts who happen to predict so many correct things. Does anyone ever realize they’re just as dumb as I am with predictions? It’s just as dumb as a doomsday advocate being right when the world does end. You said the same fucking stupid shit for the past twenty years. Congrats on happening to be correct.

So yes, the AI bubble is going to burst. It might be tomorrow once investors realize the money is only growing at a 500% rate instead of the usual 1000% they come to expect.

A lot of investment-type shit is glorified crypto with more government regulation. It goes through ups and downs, then hits some comfortable medium. AI is the hype today, but tomorrow, it’ll be super AI, or it’ll go away for a bit to resurface once self-driving cars only kill ordinary, non-wealthy people.

Don’t be alarmed. We love crashing hype trains in hopes of a better tomorrow. Until all of us smoke some weed and stop caring about growing wealth at an unrealistic rate, we will see this shit again and again.

Like a famous individual who allegedly shitted on a coworker in a sexual act once said, “Life sucks, and then you die.”

Thanks for the read.