Unity Proving Why Software is Degrading

Every single piece of innovation revolves around monetization, not innovation.

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I find it cute that people still firmly believe corporations are responsible for most innovation.

“If no corporation, no iPhone, checkmate libtard”

Ignore the fact most computer innovations came from the massive space race or that the internet’s first use case was for government researchers to share information.

Yes, that crazy uncle posting vaccine misinformation is even more ironic than before.

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Tech is hitting a breaking point where brilliant, one-of-a-kind minds are discovering you can monetize anything. Imagine booting up your computer one day with a $20 prompt to update. You’d shit a brick before logically concluding that life sucks.

Unity became one of the latest companies in this trend to attempt monetization of every aspect by introducing a “runtime fee” for installs. Now, the exciting part is that this fee is applied at 200,000 installs or enterprise at a million for personal use. Take that people who thought paying for software wouldn’t include microtransactions. Basically, if you make good money from a game built on Unity, those greedy fucks want a slice of it. At the end of the day, game developers have to fork over a part of their earnings after doing all the work on the engine.

Fucking greedy game developers, imagine wanting all the money for your hard work. Think about the company you already paid to license their software for!

It’s another movie in a series of moves started by Shitlon Musk trying to monetize Twitter. Every blue check mark user is used to wasting money on crypto, so it’s not a huge problem.

The funniest part is you’d think money like this would go to the Unity developers, but we all damn well know who benefits the most from it.

I can’t argue with an estimated net worth that includes the number 420. Listen folks, my boy John spent all his money on dabs and needed to do…