Thoughts on the Future of Crypto

I’ve bashed crypto enough that it’s time to be even meaner

Senior Brogrammer


We’re now in the crypto phase of AI, so I thought I’d return to the topic. Although AI has been used in several systems for decades, people suddenly fear it. No, you read that correctly, filthy product manager. Shit’s been used in healthcare since the 1970s.

This is another strong reason for the anti-vaxxer crowd to pop off and write a manifesto in my comment section about devil worship.

I see you bitch.

Today isn’t about AI, though. It’s about crypto and where it stands. Is it an indicator of spending for the commoner or long-term “srs bizness” investing?

Crypto has gone through its most turbulent period after SBF dun goofed. However, it’s still surrounded by a strong community. Fuck, Coinbase is hiring like crazy. It seems like crypto stocks are going up, and everyone will be rich one day.


I’m not huge on “we are going to make it crowd” because it’s the most enormous coping mechanism after disenfranchisement with hustle culture. Yet, so many people are okay with investing money in crypto.

I think it indicates the federal reserve rates and the willingness of the rich to pick up those side projects again. Trust…