Stop Whining About Burnout

Senior Brogrammer
3 min readJul 4, 2022

I don’t get what’s so difficult, just keep pushing

This burnout is cool though

(This is a parody and I need clicks so I can say on LinkedIn I run a popular blog)

I never get why developers get burnt out from work, like we sit down all day and type on a computer, just go touch some grass. Imagine the gall on an overpaid individual who I would fire in a heartbeat once my reckless growth at all costs business model fails, to stop working and just coast by due to “burn out”. One of the most disgusting self entitled attitudes to claim work is getting too hard, what do you think your ancestors did? Millennial’s I swear are just the worst.

One reason I am disgusted with such abhorrent attitudes towards work is how hard CEO’s work to build a company that you should be grateful to work at. Several CEO’s work 2000+ hours a week and never get burnt out, in fact they are greatly rewarded for the hard work. If a puny developer could show any dedication to work they would attain that same status, but they choose to be cry about working hard. Unbelievable, they don’t even have a loan from their parents that was super risky to use in a small business, without that risk developers wouldn’t even be able to work for a company.

Another reason I am at a lost for words for this awful attitude is development is such an easy task. I mean really I read a story online about how Bill Gate’s hires lazy developers, so everyone is just doing software wrong. If you have problems just automate anything you can and just write better code. I never get why people don’t write code correctly the first time. So much money is down the drain and products don’t come out 100% is weird. So with that all being said, be lazy, write things correctly and you won’t get burnt out. You could focus 1–2 hours a day writing everything correctly and can spend the other 10 hours in meetings which is ideal for any company operating.

Here’s my advice if you’re experience this fake phenomenon that is known as “burn out”. This doesn’t even apply to lazy developers, but everyone now. If you feel tired, take a little nap. Afterwards you’ll be refreshed and ready to get back to work. Any questions on this? I feel like people dwell on dumb things and don’t think properly about things. You just need to live a better lifestyle if you feel burnt out from working, I personally like going out for a drink once in a while.

Anyways, burn out isn’t a real thing. You guys just need to rest and appreciate everything you have in the world. I’m shocked how people experience this due to a weak society we are building in the world. Stay salty millennials, but get back to work and stop being tired.

(Hope you enjoyed the shitpost)

Senior Brogrammer