Stop Selling Ideas in the Name of Productivity

It’s a desperate plea to please capital owners anyways…

Senior Brogrammer


I’ve been extremely frustrated hearing about positive movements like four-day work weeks, fewer working hours, etc., being promoted as “more productive.” Look, I get workers want these things, and this is probably the best way to convince a tyrant CEO to show some pity. However, that’s the problem: the people shouldn’t have to bend backward to appease the lust for profits.

Nightmare Fuel


Regarding lines on graphs, workers are getting the short end of the stick. Point to any metric, the treatment of workers isn’t up to snuff with how things have grown and expanded over the years. The only charts rich people cling to are the ones that don’t consider inflation. Otherwise, every piece of evidence points to workers being more productive in fewer hours with the same pay for more skilled roles.

We’re already behind by decades, and we don’t need to prove any more worth in terms of productivity.

Things like four four-day work weeks should exist if pay remains the same. Otherwise, pay should skyrocket for the same number of hours on increased output. That shit shouldn’t go into the riches pocket. The best part is the second you state this shit, fucking gone or, worse, arrested for protesting or forming a union.

We shouldn’t try to plead with their desires for more. That’s not going to fix this problem but further it. Also, this sets the precedent for control. “We are allowing four-day work weeks” sounds way worse than forcing their hand to give it up.

My bad, I need to hustle harder to be more unhappy in life as a blood-sucking capitalist to make millions. Unrelated note, Forbes is the biggest pile of shit in existence for making people think this way or hate anything helpful for them.

The point of these movements is to make life better for us. Fuck what it does for the business. Keep focused on that point because it’s pointless to negotiate at this point.

Thanks for the read.