Slap Championship is So Dumb

Senior Brogrammer
2 min readJan 31, 2023

I’d rather not watch

One of the craziest sports I’ve came across is two adults willingly slapping and allowing slaps across the dome for glory. Safety is top priority at these shows as medical professionals are on standby after the combatant falls backwards and slams into the hard flooring.

At first glance, it’s a funny gimmick, but this sport is impossible to take seriously. After seeing a few clips, I do wonder about CTE worries in this sport more so than MMA. Let me explain.

MMA you have the ability to defend yourself. In a fight, clean shots don’t land that often or the fight is over. Slap fighting? Be fucking tough as shit and eat it. At least an option exists to protect yourself and fight intelligently to preserve health.

However, MMA fighters are actually paid significantly better for risking life and limb. Which is sad due to the fact that fighter pay sucks ass.

Slappers (is that what I call them?) aren’t paid that well, willingly receive concussive blow after blow, and won’t have a long career. The term punch drunk is replaced with slap drunk as taking these strikes over and over in multiple match ups will have long term brain damage.

Outside of that, no real skillset exists in this sport. Whoever is genetically gifted to slap hard and given an insanely strong chin will win. Nothing else skill wise exists besides maybe some technique in the slap? Don’t flinch.

One extra note, why do they use chalk to slap each other? So dumb.

Thanks for the read