My Experience Visiting the Office for Collaboration

Now that companies are done laying people off to save money, time to waste money on flying people to visit the office

Senior Brogrammer


We’re not even fucking two months removed from the layoff madness that started towards the start of this year. Seriously, check all the dates on layoff articles. Tech workers at least get lube before being fucked.

This isn’t another layoff rant today. It’s about my time flying back to the office, not even three months removed from a massive layoff. It must be super important that I sit in a different room with a computer in front of me to be productive.

At least I had a good slice of pizza.

Cowboy Dragging

The Good, Bad, and The Single Ply Toilet Paper

I exaggerate a lot in this blog of mine. It doesn’t always accurately reflect my exact reaction to a thing but a general sentiment.

With that being said, I did enjoy some aspects of being put back into an office environment outside of ruining my butt with single-ply toilet paper and sparkling water.

I liked having more ad-hoc discussions rather than scheduled ones. I don’t need constant 1:1’s or status meetings. While this is possible in the remote world, many companies have…