Most Programmers Have Trash Health, Here’s Vague Advice That Will Help

Senior Brogrammer
4 min readOct 1, 2022

You don’t have any hope of surviving unless you listen to ME

(This is a parody of Most Programmers Mental Health Sucks by Brunette Girl)

If you write code for a living your probably depressed and you hate your job. How do I know this? Because I wrote code too. Taking antidepressants, drinking and abusing marijuana are just a couple ways developer cope with the curse of being a developer. However, let’s dive into actual things that’ll solve your degenerate lifestyle.

Write Better Code

Isn’t this obvious? The code you write is trash and you need to do better.

If you write better code here’s some of the following benefits:

  • No production outages
  • Easier to add new features (which frees up more time)
  • Code runs faster

So instead of writing bad code that takes a long time to work on, make it better. If you don’t know how to accomplish this, read a book or web page about writing better code. Simple as that.

Have a Social Life

As a developer you don’t have a social life. Let’s be honest all you do is write code and only social things you do is show up to scrum. Naturally you should go out and do more and says yes to more social events friends invite you to. I know that’s hard being a developer who constantly says no and skeptical about everything in the world.

If enjoy walking around, just go into the mall and talk to the people who walk up to you. They will always listen to everything you have to say, no matter what.

I put the quote in a pretty photo therefore motivational

Do New Things

Try a new thing, you ever been rock climbing? Try some jiu-jitsu and complete the journey into becoming a brogrammer. Maybe go out and try hiking for once, instead of being a indoor dweller who types code all day. Or better yet, do anything outside your home, touch grass silly developer.

Senior Brogrammer