LinkedIn Content is Trash

Senior Brogrammer
5 min readNov 22, 2022

Yet another LinkedIn article trashing on the platforms content

Top 5 Post

What a great idea LinkedIn is, ability for employers to connect with employees on a professional networking site. Removes the need to cold call/email candidates about opportunities. Finally, users can share information about about themselves, events and etc. What could be wrong with that kind of content? Unfortunately, alot.

I’m going to break down the content in my feed that makes me question who I follow.

  • Company rally parties
  • cORporaTe CuLTure
  • Generic copy and paste motivation
  • Praise for a company that just canned the poster


The more I look at this image, the more questions I have

Company Rally Parties

Walmart didn’t invent this, but they sure over do it the most. Now, I understand why people are doing this, they don’t want to get fired. However, at what point do you sit around and realize nobody else wants to be here. Maybe people are fine with it and I’m just lunatic, but let’s dive into my psychotic beliefs then.

Nobody wants to do this crap. I could care less about a clapping and hyping myself up. I showed up to get paid and want to leave now. Not get hyped for something or dance around like I’m someone’s lap dog. This crap is stupid and I’ve seen hundreds of posts showing off how cool it is. Everyone is forced to clap otherwise they’ll look bad, not because they like it. I wish I could personally message every CEO, notifying them that these events don’t increase profits.

Finally, employees aren’t children that need entertainment and January 6th like gatherings (alright alright fine I’ll stop). For every employee who has to endure this crap, I’m a big fan of cherry rum, 7Up, mint leaves, and a maraschino cherry mixed together. Final point, do these rallies accomplish anything? No, it’s just another awkward event in a series of awkward events.