“I Wrote a Script in Python”

My general advice to anyone starting on something programming-related

Senior Brogrammer


Alright, everyone and their mother has written a script in Python to do something. Whether it was ripped from the web or done with ChatGPT, I’ve seen a lot of script kiddies popping up. However, the dialogue stops for most people right then and there.

That’s a tragedy.

Script Kiddy -> Hobbyist

I’m not advocating for anyone to sacrifice their life to become a software engineer because I shitpost on this weird neo-lib site full of rich weirdos. I’m sorry, but the Obama blogs suck and pander way too hard for anyone to take them to heart.

All right, I’m going too hard and way off track.

Writing scripts is a great way to get started on anything. Consider writing a script as creating a proof of concept. See if it’s possible to do a thing before investing in it. That’s what a lot of engineering is before trying to corporatize it.

Don’t let the train stop. See if you’re willing to proceed with the script presented. Write down a list of things that would be nice to expand on. What parts of the script need to be changed to make life easier?

I’ll rattle a couple of ideas off

  • Can any data be changed to be better from a source pulled?
  • Do you find a benefit from running it regularly?
  • Can other people benefit from accessing what you have?
  • Can you display the script’s output in a meaningful way?

It’s kind of shocking how good ideas go to die in Pastebin.

Now, for any engineers reading this, you’ll choose whether to go forward with a project or use it out of convenience. For the scripties, though, why not take things a step further? Do you hate it or kind of enjoy it in a fucked up way?

This will certainly give you an opportunity to think about other ideas, balance certain things, and implement something pretty cool. It doesn’t have to be a multi-million dollar project. It can be fun.

My 2 cents, thanks for the read.