How to be an Asshole on Stack Overflow

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4 min readJul 10, 2022

Definitive guide on gatekeeping software development

I go here to own the noob Python devs

I hate when new developers attempt to ask questions on Stack Overflow, especially when I had to suffer to obtain the same knowledge. Thankfully new users ask questions that I can tear apart within seconds and mock them for not being a superior individual like myself. In this guide I’ll show you how to own noob developers and make an ass out of yourself on Stack Overflow.

Did you try reading/googling this?

I love doing this on the site as so many stupid people don’t bother reading the man page or using Google to find a specific user. If you shit on users right off the bat by mocking them for not finding answers for themselves like I would as a superior developer, then how will they suffer or better quit?

Now since this is a guide let me give you how a normal human interaction would go in the comment section.

Q: How do I split a string based on the '|' symbol in Python?
A: Hey welcome to the community, here's a piece of documentation that you will find helpful to solve this issue:
I'd highly suggest reading it and understanding how a user passes in parameters to the split function.

Now this is absolutely disgusting response to me. I mean this user is so lazy they didn’t even bother to Google the answer or read the super helpful Python documentation page on strings? Worst of all they are probably trying to learn something and don’t know how to approach it, let’s apply some corrective behavior.

Q: How do I split a string based on the '|' symbol in Python?

Simple and effective, try googling it for yourself dummy. Also don’t forget to downvote the post and turn the community against them. Remember seems new, to immediately shit on them so they learn the hard way and encouraged to do it right the next time.

Let the narcissism flow through you and remember that if someone can’t figure it out for themselves, they aren’t worth helping.

Claim everyone else isn’t passionate enough