Don’t Ghost Recruiters, Managers, and former Employers in Tech

Senior Brogrammer
3 min readAug 7, 2022

“Build relationships instead”

Some classic networking

Ghosting seems to be a new fad by employees after dealing with poor treatment from corporations. Understandably, if you’ve dealt with the following:

  • No response after an interview/application
  • Poor communication from former employer causing you to leave
  • Former management avoiding difficult questions
  • Ghosted by a recruiter

then you have a right to be frustrated. However, I’d highly recommend not translating that frustration into ghosting/ignoring individuals reaching out won’t help you. With how fast things change in corporate world, especially in tech don’t ruin potential opportunities in the future.

Let the Frustration Go

Before I start, if you were truly treated like garbage by any former coworker or representative of a firm without apology, don’t press forward about opportunities as these are signs of toxic cultures.

Outside of worst case scenario, understand most decisions to ghost or ignore aren’t made against you, but a variety of reasons that isn’t about you. One scenario is you could of been working with a recruiter who left an organization and no process was in place to transfer potential employees. If you sit down and think about a bunch of scenarios then the reason why won’t be surrounded by you.

What I’m trying to get it at “it’s just business” at the end of the day. People are trying to cash a check just like you and me, which leads to mistakes, negligence or incompetence. Don’t get frustrated because they’re thinking about it a lot less than you are, just keep driving forward towards other things.

Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game

Opportunities fly through on LinkedIn, emails and phone calls daily for several experience professionals. A huge benefit of constant recruitment is ability to switch new gigs at the drop of a hat. However, you need to be proactive to take advantage of those opportunities depending on your situation. As with any batch the opportunities the more you probe and reach out you’ll end up landing on the one that works out.

Senior Brogrammer