Crypto Bros Come Cry in this Article

I’m here to brag, as I was 100% right about these crypto bros, this is my parting shot before I wrap up this chapter

Senior Brogrammer


I won’t tag every user or make fun of every stupid article that’s still coping with Binance’s found guilty plea. You mother fuckers know I was right when CZ fucked over SBF, as it would put all eyes on him. Apple doesn’t fall from the tree. Crypto exchanges don’t have the FDIC kid gloves like other established investing firms.

I’m not advocating bank good, but use you’re libertarian brain to logically conclude you’re a moron dumping money into a black box that infinitely grows because other people put money into it. Too much shady shit exists in this space for it to be a real investment. Stay the fuck away, PLEASE.

This is my time to shitpost.

We’re financially strong

I remember watching this interview and having a good laugh. I’m writing this article to pull out the FUDDERs from the months of brain rot. You’re no different than an active participant in a pyramid scheme. Just because you’ve placed crypto enthusiasts in a LinkedIn bio or changed a profile picture to an NFT doesn’t make you any less of a fool.

Just own it, learn, and move on.

Several corporations got involved because it was trendy, not a realistic financial venture. Some got burnt because the CEO got fooled like anyone else. It turns out everyone can get got.


This article is going to be short as fuck because plenty of other people have said the same shit over and over again. Crypto space isn’t a serious investment, and it’ll never be. We have enough imaginary money as is in this world, and crypto has no space. Anything that is advertised as the get-rich-quick card is already gone. Sure, plenty of people got rich off crypto and will exclaim that. They got rich off other people being hyped and investing in crypto, like the stock market, but no kid gloves, as mentioned earlier.

Someone else is getting rich off your mentality.

Thanks for the read.