Craziest Code I’ve Ever Seen

Millions of dollars are pumped into an industry of lunatics

Senior Brogrammer


Code is so fascinating we’ve made an entire Reddit page about bad examples of it. Most of the time, though, no real story exists behind the abomination one has created. Everyone gives the cop-out, “I was in college,” to avoid admitting they suck at coding today.

The truth is, you suck at coding, then you die. At least you get to read an article about some of the wildest Python code I’ve ever seen to feel better about yourself.

Note: Some readers of tech articles are blissfully unaware of the reality of being human and having emotions. I don’t like you and wouldn’t want to work with you if this wasn’t a banger quote above.

Programming Sucks

At any corporate job, the possibility of extremely high to work with workers overseas. Yes, I use the word workers, not employees. Generally, corporations do this to find hidden talent or exploit workers overseas.

I worked at a company in a hiring frenzy since they refused to pay better for software developers. I’m not joking. This company is valued three times higher than most places paying six-figure starting salaries for juniors. They did dump a ton of money on a cool new logo, it looks like, though.

The hiring frenzy didn’t include an interview process for contractor employees overseas. Threw them into a pool and hoped it would turn into wine.

Our team ended up with one of the contractors to start on a gigantic feature for one of our projects. You read that correctly.


I wish they had succeeded, but every odd was against them. Ahh, corporate life is such a dream.

As frustration grew when discussing requirements, it became clear that this contractor wouldn’t be around long. I hate saying this because it dehumanizes someone putting in the effort. Also, what the fuck is wrong with corporations practicing this shit, holding a livable wage over people by throwing them to the wolves with assignments.

Fucking disgusting.

This contractor, though, produced decided to use bash commands to run AWS commands instead of using boto3 in Python.