Colorado Shooting at LQBTQ Club Highlights Serious Problems within America, Again

Senior Brogrammer
3 min readNov 23, 2022

Unfortunately these tragedies will continue to occur due to inaction

Anderson Lee Aldrich being detained for allegedly making bomb threats

Another tragedy occurred late night November 19th when a gunman entered Club Q and began shooting,, leaving 5 dead and several injured. Before police arrived, the gunman was detained by 2 brave clubgoers. The suspect shown in the photo above is facing multiple murder charges including counts of bias-motivated crime causing bodily injury. How could of this happened?

Before I start, Anderson Lee Aldrich is being accused of the shooting. I want to make that clear before I speculate how a 22 year old could be accused of such a heinous crime.

Accessibility to Firearms

Gun control in America is impossible to agree on. While common sentiment is that background checks need to be better, that idea falls apart at the legislative level. Organizations such as the National Rifle Association (NRA), Gun Owners of America and Second Amendment Foundation contribute millions to thwarting bills for stricter regulations. The barrier to obtaining a firearm is insanely low in certain parts of America. Any underaged adult with enough cash could obtain a firearm within hours.

Gun culture has ruined any possibility of real gun control since the Sandy Hook shooting back in 2012, which is the closest that any legislation passed for gun control. Several Americans believes it’s necessary to own a firearm for personal protection. Large organizations exploit that fact to scare citizens into believing big government is coming to take that right away. In turn, citizens complain that shootings are another justification to take guns away, which continues to stagnate any meaningful legislation.

Allegedly, the gunman was arrested in 2021 for making bomb threats against his own mother. The charges were dropped and no further investigation was conducted. After hearing about the video recording that’s connected to this case, Anderson Lee Aldrich should’ve not been allowed near a fire arm.

My thoughts, at minimum background checks require reputable individuals to vouch for you, especially for ages under 25. About 26% of shootings between 1976–2018 were committed…