CEO of Microsoft Took Away Livelihoods With Empathy

Senior Brogrammer
3 min readJan 29, 2023

Do people write this shit unironically?

Nope, that isn’t photoshop or a parody. This is the real world kiddos. If I say I’m “thoughtful and transparent” my hands are clean then baby. I serve the shareholders and that’s what is best for the employees of Microsoft. Let’s see how this humble CEO with a net worth of $808 million dollars lays off employees with empathy.


How can you cut 10,000 individuals livelihood with empathy? I did some research on Satya and he’s never been laid off from what I’ve read. Isn’t empathy to a degree a bit of understanding? Definitions are lame though.

At this point, his life is guaranteed so being fired now wouldn’t matter. The people cut from their roles have to stress out frantically searching for another role as time dwindles down from the “above industry standard severance package”. Has anyone sat these CEOs down and asked them point blank, how would you feel if you were in this situation? Would you be comfortable raising a family where your job can be thrown out at any given time? Where is the empathy in that?

None exists.

Surely, Microsoft wouldn’t post new jobs days after this announcement as well.