Cancun Uber vs Taxi Drivers Madness

Senior Brogrammer
2 min readJan 27, 2023

I never thought this would such a massive issue, but it makes sense

Uber downfall?

Is it right to save money using Uber or another ride share service to save money? This has been an interesting conundrum that came across my news feed.


On January 23rd, taxi drivers created a blockade to stop Uber drivers from reaching the airport. The protests were sparked by a court ruling where Uber drivers weren’t required to obtain a permit. Funny, I wonder how much Uber paid for that convenience.

Anyways, besides inconveniencing tourists the protests were broken up on Tuesday.


No shit Uber is an awful corporation too. They’ve been neck deep in controversy with worker treatment, but this has been a plan long in the works to take over the taxi industry. It sucks because I do enjoy Uber Eats, but looks like I’m once again having to ween off it. I don’t agree with this decision to squeeze out public transportation in favor of privatized.

Sure, I’m not a fan of the cabby industry much as the next guy. I’ve been put into a shitty situation due to an asshole cab driver refusing to take card. The business is very exploitative, but to have different standards for the same exact service is ridiciolous.

What is exactly different from a Uber driver and a taxi driver? None that I can see besides one can be summoned via phone.

Just another example of companies taking advantage of different countries to monopolize a business in other areas. This isn’t unique to Uber, but disappointing to see as taxi drivers either have to deal with Uber or potentially be out of a job.

Thanks for the read.