5 Things I Strongly Dislike About The Programming World

Senior Brogrammer
4 min readJan 16, 2023

Sometimes I wish I could stop and smell the roses

MacBook Laptop w/ Code

I’ll admit everyone who writes code is kind of brain broken. Anything that has a 90% failure and 10% success rate feels like it should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, high pay and masochism runs rampant in software development, so here we are in the modern world. Hopefully ChatGPT alleviates our pain and puts us on unemployment.

Alas, 5 things I rage about in programming day to day.

Superiority Complex

Honestly, developers have a bit of superiority complex to each other and other tech roles. After witnessing lunatics in college jump onto a public email chain to shit on IT folk, it’s pretty clear how sad some of these fucks are. Nobody should view themselves better than someone else. That seems obvious, but developers have this weird notion that writing code makes them superior.

I hate it because it creates these circle jerk communities which stunts growth. I’d imagine this fad is dying, but I’ve witnessed a couple things that it feels worth mentioning.

I’ll state it simply, you can do plumbing work yourself, but you pay for professionals to do it right. It doesn’t matter if you do electrical or carpeting experience and think you have…